Fall 1995:  First thoughts on a traffic light control system for archery by Manfred Reinecke

          and HaJo Roehl. The idea was to create a system that consists of a controller with an                      external time display. In addition, it should be possible to control to some extent

           traffic lights at the 230 volt existing in the clubs already.

           Also, it should be possible to   make announcements and of course the signals such as

           START / STOP and interruption should be transmitted to external hardware.
           1996:  First prototypes were built.
  Early 1997: The final concept is decided.

           The hardware is based on a μ-processor controlled system and a large 7-segment display

            is developed.  230-Volt traffic lights and AB/CD-lights can be addressed as well.

           During the club championships of the BSC Wendisch Evern the complete setup has been                       successfully used for the first time
     Fall 1997:  At the German Championships FITA in Munster, the system is presented to the public.
  March 1998: The German Shooting Federation is using our system during the European

           Championship, "INDOOR" in Oldenburg.
Summer 1998: During the European Championships “FITA” at Boé-Agen / France,

             we presented our systems to the international public as well as during

             the Grand Prix in the City of Feucht / Nuremberg.
Summer 1999: On the FITA World Championships at Riom / France, we also have exhibited.
 March 2000:  For the European Championships, "INDOOR" in Spala / Poland the organizers relied

             on our facilities as well as  in 1998 in Oldenburg

March 2003:  During the World Championships “INDOOR” at Nimes / France we also presented

            our electronic systems.
Summer 2004: At the international Grand Prix in 2004 at Wyhl our systems were used,

             and we participated in the trade show.
Summer 2007: At the FITA World Championships 2007 at Leipzig, we were not only present

            at the exhibition but also the international training course during the World Cup

             was managed with our equipment.
Summer 2010: The Junior European Championships in Winnenden were also equipped by us

            and we participated in the exhibition.

Summer 2011:First use of our facilities at the German championships "FIELD CROSSBOW"

                       at Hausen / Bavaria.

Summer 2012: Control of the German championships "FIELD CROSSBOW" at Winsen / Luhe.

Summer 2013: Control of the German championships "FIELD CROSSBOW" at Hausen / Bavaria.

Summer 2014: Control of the WORLD CHAMPIONCHIPS "FIELD CROSSBOW" at Frankfurt / M.

                       with 4 Time-Displays MH-R58 on the Competitionfield.

 In addition, we attended almost all German National Championships "INDOOR" and FITA.
          Our products are used in Germany, France, England, Holland, Monaco, New Zealand, Israel,           Switzerland, Tahiti, Spain, Venezuela, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Croatia, Austria, Tyrol,

 in the Faroe Islands and in Saudi Arabia.