Firmenname Impressum

Combined Display MH-R58

Mounted on the tripod-stand by 2 wing screws at the bottomside.

Several self-sufficient displays can be combined.

Electronical dimming (Indoor/Outdoor) and connectors at the bottomside

Voltage supply : 115 - 230Volts as well as 12 Volts by cigarette lighter.

2mm-aluminiumcabinet, welded at the edges. (Rainproof)    

Dimensions BxHxT : 500 x 300 x 100mm.

Weight : 3,9 Kg

For FITA tournaments adequate bracing against wind effects must be provided.

Operation by

Controller HM-R150

Connected by plugs

with one multiple cable

Height of digits ca. 120mm

Readability ca. 80m