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 Connection - and Manualinstructions for HM-R150

I. Connect:

   Stand / bracket flip up at the bottom.

   Before starting make all the connections and check for tightness, protect from moisture!

   Operating voltage at MH-R58: 115Volt / 230 volts AC and 12 volts DC (car battery).

   Low voltage for HM-R150 from the displays MH-R58 by multiple cable !

   The connectors on the rear panel are:

   Dynamic Microphone 200 ohm
    Display control (data jack for screen)

II. Operation: Display shows "menu program."

   1. Set volume for announcement: - Microphone to "ON",

    public address test control, volume, microphone "OFF".

   2. Horn sound-volume set: - Press the signal button (blue), set with knob (sound / Ton).

   SET TIMING 260 sec (FITA) / 140 sec (Indoor) each including 10 secNEW or 20 sec preparation time.

    MENU Press 1.x [FITA/INDOOR] >>> SELECT button to 10/20 +240 sec, 10/20 +120 sec

    (or 35 +240, 35 +120)

   MENU press 2.x [GROUPS]           >>> SELECT button to ABCD, CDAB appears (AB button> <CD!)

   (Or CD AB CD AB when it was interruption for make-up arrows) may add. black key between AB and CD!

   Now Begin: START - press 1x, expiration occurs automatically, change or stop by premature STOP - button

   (Scroll-through the last 5 seconds!)  Next group begins. After automatic expiration STOP (or by hand).

   The display shows "PAUSE" (for scoring). (If necessary press black button to set  AB / CD),

    then press START, and so on.

   Make-up arrows , if INDIVIDUAL SHOOT-OFF 10 +40 sec (item 1 = 50 sec 1 arrow)

   MENU press 3. x [Make-up arrows] (press and number of arrows / time) >>> SELECT without AB / CD

    Clear AB / CD with BLACK BUTTON! Integrated preparation-times observed, then START and scoring.

   After that: Restore shooting time and last group, AB or CD.

   (MENU> SELECT> Groups / black key AB-CD, CD-AB, etc., see above)

   FINLAS                                    ELECTION >>> 10 +120 sec without AB / CD

   MENU press 4.x [Final Shooting]                         20 +120 sec without pressing AB / CD

   (If AB / CD, delete "black button")                       10 +240 sec without AB / CD

                                                                               20 +240 sec without AB / CD

   EURO - FINAL           ELECTION >>> 10 seconds (red) final master (only additional equipment..!)

   (If AB / CD, delete "black button")            or BLUE button signal (10 sec with a stop-clock) 2x, 1x, 3x press.

   MENU press 5.x [Euro-Final]                  20 sec NEW (green) Alternate-shoot (AB = shooter left, right = CD!)

   One display in the middle!                         Commencing archer gets yellow (ready) with key contactors  AB / CD

                                                                  60 sec (Green) Team Shoot Off (only with 2x HM-R150 possible.)

                                                               180 sec Team alternate shooting   (  "        "    "    "      "          "        )

    PREMIER LEAGUE, possibly SHOOT-OFF  >>> SELECT 10 + 60 sec = TEAM-SHOOT-OFF

   MENU press 6.x [Ligue]                                            10 +120 sec =  Finals + elimination (see above)

   possibly delete AB / CD with black button                   10 +180 sec =  TEAM- FINALS

                                                                                     20 +180 sec =  (Alternative)

   Pressing the menue button repeatedly  brings you back to the starting point.

   Interruption: Press SIGNAL button repeatedly, time is stopped (freeze), RED flashing.

   Continue: Press SIGNAL button 1 sec, then immediately press the START button, time passes, traffic- lights!